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Water's Edge, written by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman.  I first heard this song on One Life To Live. It was sung by Kathy Brier, who portrays Marcie Walsh McBain. This song touched my heart so deeply, I wanted to sing it. So hear it is.

music_bullet.cmp  (Track 1)

 music_bullet.cmp (Track 2)  


SEVEN IN THE SKY RECORDING  6-19- 04  music_bullet.cmp

This is a tribute to the fallen seven from the "Columbia". I wrote this song on February 1, 2003. I heard and felt their transition to heaven. The explosion shook my house in Fort Worth, Texas and broke my heart. This is my song of healing. May it bring peace to your spirit. 

                              Mary Catherine Stomer-McGregor 

img44    lyrics to seven in the sky.gifgallery_crew  7 astronaunts from the columbia space shuttle.jpg


"SUN ARISING" (The Pioneer Song) From the "Land Of the Beloved CD" by Vahid N'dobe    6-05-03

img22   me in the recording studio.jpgmusic_bullet.cmp

img26   vahid checking things out.jpgVahid checking the track.


img25     ty checking the track.jpgTy, the sound engineer mixing it up!!!!

img24    vahid & i at the recording studio.jpgGood job Mary!!! Thanks!!!!



MLK Celebration   Me, Vahid, Mehdi, & Andy  (4-17-04)

   img30     mlk celebration in farmer's branch.gif


Concert at TCC's Recital Hall in Fort Worth, TX (12-6-04)

   img29    tcc's recital hall concert.gif

 Special Mother's Day Concert at Arts Fifth Avenue in Fort Worth, Tx

 img8    mother's day concert-solo performance.gif   

After the concert....

img18     mother's day concert artists.gif



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